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Away Show Packing Guide - Equestly

I wanted to write this article since before I left for the Virginia Horse Trials last weekend. I wish I had since my horse proceeded to loose both front shoes on the 3*S cross country course (and I only packed one hoof boot) I should have definitely done this beforehand. Although this isn’t an all-encompassing packing list, it should help provide some insight into things you may not think of, or the things – at least personally – that are usually forgotten.

The first things I tend to forget are the miscellaneous stable supplies we take for granted – usually because they’re just a part of the barn. It depends on the venue, but I have often arrived somewhere that didn’t have a particular item and thus the list has grown. First off is a hose. This is because it is the thing I personally forget most often. Fortunately (usually), someone in your stable block has remembered one. Other items in my packing list are something to hang buckets and hay nets. Often this can be accomplished with bailing twine (which if you forget to pack extra presumably, you’ll be opening hay bales you’ve packed regardless.) Make sure you bring lots of double ended snaps to hang all the buckets. This, however, is not fool proof method as some stalls – thinking of my recent trip to Fair Hill – have nothing to tie bailing twine to. In this instance it is good to keep some screw-eyes in your trailer.

Second category is just stall stuff. Brining enough saddle racks, bridle hooks, tack hooks, trunks – with locks, stall guards, blanket racks, etc. Essentially whatever you need to make your stall look neat and organized - but also functional for you to work from. I have always been taught that the organization of your stall at an away show is a sign of respect, as well as a reflection of your horsemanship. So, while you’re at it make sure you have a rake and a broom!

Lastly is what I call “the boo boo box.” This is the box with your things like ointment, lotion, magic cushion, betadine scrub, gauze, Epsom salt, vet wrap, duct tape, hoof tape, diaper rash cream (for those pesky bell boot rubs), furazone, poultice, hoof boots for lost shoes, etc. This is something that I am constantly adding to or changing because, inevitably, I slowly add things that I wish I’d had. Like two hoof boots instead of just one.

If any of you would be curious as to other items I bring to shows, not just away shows I’d love to know. I also want to know what your must-have items are! Obviously, what I would bring as an eventer is different than what someone else might pack. Plus, I probably have my stall set up more as a campsite, whereas other people tend to move in – I usually don’t want to cough up the money for a tack stall for the weekend. I’d be curious what people do on a budget or if they are going all out. Have fun showing everyone!

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