Equestrians as Athletes and the New Elite Breeches

Equestrians as Athletes and the New Elite Breeches - Equestly

I realized something this weekend as I was talking to Equestly Owner Sam. Some backstory to how I came across this thought: In the FEI competitions we are supposed to wear proper breeches. While I absolutely love the Lux Collection it doesn’t necessarily meet that standard, they’re perfect for schooling, lessons, or a horse trial - but we needed something with a more formal feel for the bigger events. I’ve had an absolute blast testing the new ELITE Breeches. When Equestly is testing a new product, in many cases, there is only one sample made. As such, I planned on wearing them for cross country on the Saturday of the event so we could take photos. This meant I had to wear my other breeches on the Friday of dressage and show jumping.

The other breeches:

What I realized is that, while the other breeches are not uncomfortable, nor are they poorly designed, they are not meant for an Athlete. So the thought occurred to me: why is it that most expensive, “top-of-the-line” pants are made for fashion not function? The pants are a material that I would wear to a business meeting not a sporting event. There is so much compromise that happens with equestrian clothing. We either can have a classy looking pant that is stylish and professional but absolutely roast to death and have limited mobility. OR we can choose comfort and mobility but look too casual and sloppy. Is it too much to ask that our breeches fit well, look good, are comfortable, and professional all at the same time? The answer was yes, until now.

Equestly ELITE Breeches:

I am so excited to have worked with Equestly in testing and pushing for the ELITE Collection. Finally, a pant that treats equestrians as athletes while still reaching the traditional dress code. The comfort, breathability, and durability of the Lux line in a breech form. Slightly thicker material does not compromise your comfort – trust me I’ve worn them on some hot cross country rides, but gives you the look of a proper breech. I mean it when I say they’re the best pants I’ve ever worn, and I love the Lux Collection. The ELITE Breeches are truly a game changer to the equestrian world for simply treating equestrian athletes like the classy athletes they are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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